Christi Carlton captivates the room with her commanding presence and ignites the audience with passion. She is a living example of confidence, happiness, positivity and love that quickly motivates her audience. Within the first few minutes, the audience is engaged and inspired to move forward in life with a newfound sense of hope and desire for greatness.

Christi enriches her engagements with personal stories of overcoming adversity & pain, a witty sense of humor, and impressive insight to life. She calls upon her own journey of self-discovery and life lessons to help others quickly realize, they too can live an incredible life, regardless of their current circumstance. Her relatable approach helps people connect quickly and begin to shift their thoughts to a place of positive power. Christi’s presence leaves people feeling inspired and transformed, with the motivation to pursue their own mission in life and love.

Christi will work with you to create a customized program for your group or event. Whether you are seeking a speaking engagement or workshop, programs can be as short as 60 minutes, to a full day session, or even a weekend retreat.

For speaking requests, please contact Christi and her team at christi@christicarlton.com.