Open Heart Society

Is it your dream to live more confidently and open your heart to allow love in?

Do you dream of the day when all the fear and pain of the past is released for good? Are you longing to love yourself with fierce intensity?

Greatness lives deep within you!

It's hidden in a place that you may go to from time to time, but the chaos of the outside world holds you hostage. The fear creeps in and you have to fight to unleash the greatness within. It should be easy, but it takes consistent effort. I know, because I’ve been right where you are, fighting like crazy to free the greatness inside. I had big dreams of greatness that were held captive by fear. It felt like I was being suffocated and forced to live in a glass jar and I was going nowhere fast. The more I tried to set it free, the more confused and frustrated I became.

I wanted to help people find their calling shine a light on their greatness and show them how to break free from the self imposed bars around their heart, dreams, and visions. I wanted them to know their dreams were a direct result of the purpose they have in life and that what may seem like a crazy idea, was exactly what they were designed to go after. I wanted them to know with conviction that they are worthy of great love and a great life.

Motivational speaking, coaching, and teaching is what I was born to do. I crave helping people learn how to love themselves, lead positive lives, go after the career they’ve always wanted, and find balance amongst all the demands of life, work, and family. It wasn’t too many years ago I was sitting on my patio, drinking wine straight from the bottle, crying to my best friend uncontrollably because my marriage was over. I lost myself, my identity, my purpose in life, and I had absolutely no idea what made me happy anymore. All I wanted was to me a good Mom but I was stressed to the max. I was depleted, lonely, sad, and frankly had given up all hope of ever finding love. I realized that all the things I was looking for in a relationship could be mine, if I would only shift my focus. It was in the moment that I began a practice of meditation and mindfulness.

For more than a decade now, I have been sharing the gift of meditation and teaching others how to use meditative practices to increase confidence, release stress, attract amazing love and gain clarity of ones purpose in life. Through these practices, individuals and groups alike have learned how to open their hearts to allow love in, and not just love, but amazing love.

Now is your time to shine! Now is your time to dive into the unknown and create the space that will enable you to grow beyond your wildest dreams. You are an amazing person, full of life and joy. It’s time to unleash the love within, tap into your inner love warrior and shine for the whole world to see.

The Lighthouse Audio Meditation

Monthly Guidance - The first Monday of each month, you will receive a new meditation designed to set the intention for the month ahead, move you to a new level of connectivity with the Universe, and guide you to a new place of spiritual growth. Before you know it your light will be undeniable!

Before you know it your light will be undeniable! Register TODAY and Your First Audio will be delivered immediately to your inbox! Why wait when you can start your journey NOW.

Looking for something more?

If you are looking for a radical change in your life, The Open Heart Society is for you. Make the investment in yourself and take your growth to the next level by setting your intentions on a weekly basis for even faster results. The Open Heart Society is designed to help you connect and stay connected with the light inside you. Every Monday you will receive a new meditation designed to guide you, increase confidence, release fear & guilt, and embrace the warrior within.

Receive a new meditation of encouragement,
love, peace, and harmony every Monday.

As a special Thank You for enrolling, you will receive a personalized gift to track your progress.

Monthly: $39.99 (reoccurring payment, cancel anytime)

One-time Yearly (12 months): $399.99

Upon joining, your first meditation will be delivered immediately. The Love Warrior Meditation Video will take you to a place of deep and personal love for yourself almost immediately. You will begin to feel the effects of your series right away and upon completion of the meditation, you will feel lighter, more free, and a deep sense of love for yourself! In addition you will be given access to the Open Heart Group on Facebook. This is a space where you can share your thoughts, track your progress, and connect with likeminded individuals on a journey to open their hearts and walk in love and light.