Love Notes Society

A Self-Guided Healing Program

Break free from the monotony of dating and release the cobwebs of past relationships

Love Notes Society

You Know you are a total catch

You Know you are worthy of great love

You Know you have a lot to offer someone

You Know what makes you special and unique

Hello love!
I'm Christi Carlton.

If we haven't met yet, I'm a love transformation expert helping men and women break free from the monotony of dating and release the cobwebs of past relationships, by simply guiding you out of the darkness and shining a light on your vision of the great relationship.

The single most important resource you can have to bring break free of what’s keeping you stuck in single-hood is: YOU!


  • If you find yourself hopeless and overwhelmed by the thought of dating...

  • If you're burnt out & disheartened by the dating process…

  • If you've detached from your original visions and desires simply to have a warm body next to you at night…

  • If you feel lost in the profile mania & chaos of finding your soul mate...

  • If you are tired of the family asking when you are getting married or when you will start dating again…

I want you to know you're not alone.

It IS possible to bring support, confidence, conviction, attraction and meaningful love back into your amazing life. Relationships are a piece of the pie, not the whole pie. Having a group around you to support you will keep you focused on staying true to yourself and not selling yourself short just to make someone you barely know a priority. You are the priority! You are the one worthy of being chased! You are the one who deserves amazing love! You deserve to be happy!

Welcome to The Love Notes Society.

A community of endless romantics eager to capture lasting love that is far better than anything you could have ever dreamed of. I say endless because this is a community with lots of love to give and who are full of hope for the future. This group is not hopeless, but empowered, strong, and full of hope for the future.

The Love Notes Society is a self-guided 3-month healing journey designed to address your specific place in the dating process. There are 3 phases to the Society.

Newbie Dater - Best option to reset and regain control of your love life. This is for you if you're truly ready and committed to releasing your blocks, getting clear on your visions, and bringing your newfound awareness to life. It's an investment in your quality of life and obtaining love in a more aligned, confident way.

Serial Dater - Have you been dating person after person with no luck? Are you the person that dates someone for 2 – 3 months and once the “honeymoon phase” is over, you run for the hills? Do you love the feeling of falling in love, but have no idea how to shift into a new level of the relationship? The Serial Dater section is perfect for you! In this area, you are guided to better understand why these things are happening and how to stop the cycle once and for all!

Fence Straddler Dater - You’ve found that amazing person but you are TERRIFIED it will end in tragedy! You know they are great, but maybe they are too good to be true. You want to jump headfirst into commitment but fear has a hold on your heart and won’t let you move forward in light and confidence. The Fence Straddler program is designed to help you overcome the fear and help you see the relationship for what it is, make decisions free of emotion, and bring a new level of commitment to your amazing relationship.

After you select the option best for your current state, you will be added to a dedicated PRIVATE Facebook Group where you can interact with others that are in the same phase of life you are, for added accountability. Being part of a group of like-minded people allows you to:

  • Finding Balance between dating, family, friends, hobbies & your career

  • Learning how to date with  Conviction and  Set Boundaries for healthy relationships

  • Peeling back the layers of fear to find  Clarity in what you really need in a partner

  • Cultivating  Confidence & learning when and how to say YES and when to say NO

  • How to  Allow the right people into your life and how to keep the wrong ones out

  • Connecting your dates to the  Natural Rhythms of your life

  • Create  Independence to maintain your objectives and find authentic love

  • Learn to  Love Yourself while avoiding burnout & keep the attention on your needs

The Love Notes Society is for the Endless Romantic ready to  step away from the struggle and back into the heart of greatness.

Not sure if you're ready for Love Notes?

This society is for you if:

  • You've wanted to work  1:1 with a mentor, but haven't been able to for financial reasons

  • You need  Privacy to work through the past and shed the pain

  • You find yourself  longing for a safe group to share experiences with and get feedback on a regular basis

  • You're a  Self-Starter and Easily Motivated

  • You need someone to hold you accountable for actually doing what you say you're going to do on a weekly basis

  • You're ready to stop enrolling in online dating site after site & be able to  trust your own instincts

  • You've got  big dreams for love but are overwhelmed when it comes to making a first impression or keeping the dates interesting

  • You need to bring  Clarity to your dating skills &  learn how much to give and when

This is NOT for you if:

  • You have a killer personality and believe sitting at home watching The Bachelor and only chatting with potential lovers online, but never actually meeting them in person is your ideal date.

As a member of the Love Notes Society, you'll receive:

  • 12  Love Notes worksheets to dig deep, release fear & create real  change in your life

  •  Private log-in to access materials and track progress

  • Official  Love Notes Society Journal + Koozie

  • Lifetime of  unlimited access to your fellow Love Note Rock Stars, via a private Facebook group, to expand, connect, share what you're working on for constructive feedback & total support

  • 3 Special  Live Q&A Sessions with me

  • Email support over the course of the program

  • 1st access +  discounts to my exclusive retreats, books, merch, and more

  •  Discounts on 1:1 coaching after completion of the self-guided program

The only thing your Loving heart needs for success has, and always will be:


And you, my darling, are done walking this journey solo.

You just found your dream team of support to gain the strength and knowledge you need to attract and keep the partner of your dreams!

You're exactly where you're supposed to be. And now   it's your time.

The Love Notes Society Investment:

One-time payment of $134.99 for 3 months access (10% discount)


Three monthly payments of $49.99 (Set on auto-draft)

“Happiness is one size fits all, and happiness looks amazing on YOU.”
–   Christi Carlton

After check out, you will be directed to your "Love Warrior" meditation. After meditating, you'll be given your login information to begin unleashing your beautiful, independent, loving soul immediately.

If you have any questions about the Love Notes Society, concerns on whether it's the right fit for you, or technical troubles signing up, please email me and my team at We'll get back to you shortly and ensure you are well taken care of! We're here to fully support you on this journey and want to ensure you are number 1 today & every day.

About Christi Carlton

Christi is on a mission to empower you to live the life of your dreams, free of negative thoughts and harbored guilt, so you can attract amazing love into your life, be confident in your decisions, and live a life that is as unique and authentic as you are. As a Love Transformation Expert, Motivational Speaker, and Meditation Teacher, Christi is skilled in guiding you out of the darkness and into your light that is held within.

Let’s face it, breakup's suck! It doesn't matter if the relationship was a whirlwind romance or many years long, the pain is the same. You feel like the world stopped spinning, your identity is stripped from you, and you have no idea how to move forward as a confident person. The process of losing a partner in life can feel overwhelming, and bring out fears and emotions you may have never experienced before. Thoughts have been exposed that you never thought were possible. You may have thought…

Where did the once confident, calm, cool, and collected person go?

How do I move on as a single person?

Will anyone ever love me again?

Christi is determined to help you break the chains from the past and move forward in an authentic state of empowerment. She has been right where you are and uses her experiences to help you uncover your truth. She is a master at helping you sharpen the tools that you already have and help you find new ones to add in the mix. As a certified Coach, she is armed with the right skills to help you succeed and her intuition, loving spirit, and kind heart bring a deep level of authenticity and genuine love to her clients.