Meet Christi

I am a Love Transformation Expert, Motivational Speaker, and Meditation Teacher.

It is my mission to empower you to live the life of your dreams, free yourself of negative thoughts and harbored guilt, so you can attract amazing love into your life, be confident in your decisions, and live a life that is as unique and authentic as you are.

Let’s face it, breakups suck!

It doesn't matter if the relationship was a whirlwind romance or many years long, the pain is the same. You feel like the world stopped spinning, your identity is stripped from you, and you have no idea how to move forward as a confident person. The process of losing a partner in your life can feel overwhelming, and bring out fears and emotions you may have never experienced before. Thoughts have been exposed that you never thought were possible. You may have thought…

Where did the once confident, calm, cool, and collected person go?

How do I move on as a single person?

Will anyone ever love me again?

You may be feeling that you will never feel normal again. However that’s simply not true. You can be that confident, calm, cool, and collected person again. In fact, you will be stronger, more confident, and happier than ever before. I will help you release worrying, doubt, fear and the limiting beliefs that are holding you back from greatness. Your stress levels will decrease drastically as you begin to unleash the inner strength that is deep within your incredible soul. You will transition to a place of empowerment, strength, radiance, and confidence. I allow you to create the space you need to be more decisive and confident, dismiss the dread and worry, and release old habits that keep you stuck in the muck.

Why can I help you?

I've been in your shoes, suffering from a broken heart and not knowing how to live again. After my divorce, I was a serial dater, trying desperately to fill the hole in my heart from a failed marriage. My world stopped spinning and I was utterly crushed! It was always my intention to get married once and stay married for the rest of my life. Once I finally took the time to really evaluate the relationship, my life, and where I wanted to go, I discovered some real change needed to occur within me. There I was, a young woman, divorced at a time when others were getting married and starting their own families. I was working a full time job, and raising a very young child. I wanted love so desperately that I was in fact sending signals of desperation and as a result, I was attracting exactly the opposite of what I wanted. One day I woke up and realized if I wanted something different in my relationships, I had to change the way I viewed the world. This meant dealing with the pain of the past and stop living in a state of constant denial.

Over the years, I have learned to grow my “single legs” and truly love myself. The funny thing is, when you love yourself others will too. They are attracted to the bright light that you project and everyone wants in. And that’s the fun part; YOU get to decide whom to let in! You get to be in control of your destiny and no longer require a partner to fill the gaps. You realize you could fill the gaps on your own and you are living an amazing life! A relationship is a piece of the pie, not the whole pie and you my dear, are worthy of greatness in your life.

That's why I love working with others in this way.

I work with you to get over the past, the disappointment and the regret attached to your life, and help you move past your fears so you can transform into happiness, satisfaction, and true success. I’m here to help you unleash the sprit that has always been within you, the love that is deep in your soul, and help you radiate that love outward for the entire world to see. I know deep down, you know with complete conviction that you are worthy of so much more and this is your moment to make a change.

What would it feel like to wake up knowing that you are succeeding in all that you do, that the love of your life is a partner in your world, and to look in the mirror and love everything you see? Better yet, what if you woke up every morning with a drive so fierce everyone would see you as the radiant, amazing person you are?

It's time! Break free of the chains that have you feeling lost and alone.

It's time to ditch the "What If's "and embrace the "Yes Please"' in your life. You are amazing and you deserve a life of greatness, romance, love, inspiration, and excitement. We are in this together! Jump-start your journey now. Contact me at to explore how we can best work together to make all of this a reality in your life.


“Christi is a trusted advisor and wise beyond her years. She was able to quickly help me overcome the pain of my past relationships and move forward after my divorce, which left me heartbroken and lost. Her heartfelt style helps to quickly build trust and realize that you are capable of great things. She helped me clear the clutter in my head and create a plan to achieve my goals in a short period of time. Today I am happy, living my life again, and excited about the future. Christi has a rare and special gift.”

- B. Johnson

“Christi is the kind of coach that helps you sharpen the tools that you already have in the toolbox. She is open, kind, honest, and will hold you accountable. She motivates you and gives you just the right amount of space to be successful in an authentic way. With her help, I have been able to accomplish more than I ever thought possible and as a result, my career has reached new heights. Having Christi in my corner is the best decision I ever made.”

- J. Gonzalez

“Christi Carlton has been my coach for the past 3 months. I cannot say enough how wonderful this experience has been. She has helped me achieve goals I did not think possible. She gave me just enough push and much encouragement to move forward in my life. I was fearful and anxious, and now I feel fearless and calm. She is already a master in habit change…and I am so grateful our paths have crossed!”

- S. Armocida

Additional Background Info:

I studied Psychology at the University of North Carolina - Charlotte and received my Coaching Certification from the Health Coaching Institute. I have studied meditation practice and Reiki for many years, am an empathic intuitive, a member of Toastmasters International and have been featured in the Manchester Who’s Who Among American Executives and Professionals.