Why We Are Restless & How To Change It

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Today we in America, get to experience a Total Solar Eclipse and what makes this one really amazing, is that it will stretch across the entire country. Today is a day for everyone in the country to have an opportunity to see the eclipse in person. For years we have watched them on TV or online, but this time we get to witness it in the flesh.

As the eclipse has drawn near, I’ve been doing a lot of self-reflecting and the energy that Eclipses bring allows us to do that. Here are the top 3 things I have learned.

The strength we need to push forward hides in the shadows of our life

If you think about the Eclipse, the process casts a shadow and prevents the light from coming forth. We know that the sun (aka light) is there in the shadows and that it will soon return. The period of time we are in the shadows is only for a brief minute. This is also true for our lives. When we are walking the shadows, we must know with conviction that the light is held within and will return quickly. For the strength we need to move on is held behind the depths of darkness. It is our great ability to believe in something bigger than ourselves that breaks the darkens cycle and allows the light to shine again. Take this time to reflect on your own shadows and release the fears to the divine for resolution.

We must believe it to see it

Human nature is to believe only when we see it. How many times have you said, “I’ll believe it when I see it”? What if you took the time to believe it in order to see it? Imagine how immensely different life would be if you had the confidence to know that what is to come will come, even if you haven’t seen it yet. We know there is a higher power at play, yet we cannot see it. We know deep down in our soul that certain dreams we aspire to see come true will come true before they come to fruition. Take this practice of knowing & believing before it is seen to your everyday life. The thoughts we have will unfold in our lives. Make it a practice to focus your thoughts on what will come to be and by keeping those thoughts positive, your life will be positive as well. Here’s an example from my personal life. A few years ago, I was dating a guy and we were forming a beautiful relationship. It was, in my mind, too good to be true. Riddled with fear, I just knew it would end before it started. He was the kind of guy I dreamed of and was flabbergasted that he could be so interested in me. It was a period of my life where I was filled with self-doubt and had a total lack of confidence. As a result of my thought patterns, I w as projecting a sense of unworthiness for the relationship and guess what, it ended before it started, just as I suspected! On the flip side of that, I knew deep in my soul that I would some day be a teacher and help others transform their lives in ways they never thought possible. I’ve never let go of the dream to serve and help others. In fact, I have dreamed of helping others since I was a pre-teen and today I can stand tall and say YES!!! My dream has come to live and I am living my purpose. If you find yourself believing something in a negative way, stop yourself and reflect on why that is. What are the underlying fears that are driving the thought process? Once you understand the underlying cause, you can address the situation and move forward in a more aligned and positive way.

Change wards off complacency and action is required for change

 Change in our lives is a good thing! As we grow, we change, and as we change, we learn new things. The Eclipse gives us an opportunity to evaluate what is going well in our lives and what needs to change. Now is the time to create an action plan for your future, discover how you want to change those relationships & situations that no longer bring light & love into your life, and begin to wind down this chapter so that a new chapter in your life can emerge. I was listening to “Man In the Mirror” yesterday and for the first time a line struck me in a new and profound way. “If you wanna make the world a better place, take a look at yourself and then make a change”. If you want to experience life differently or interact with people differently, you have to make a change and that change has to start within yourself. This trick here is to taking action. You have to get crystal clear on how you want to live your life and take action to support the journey. The divine can only do so much and you have to be willing to put the work in. We will always accomplish the must have’s in life! Make this need for change a must have and you will see the realization.

As we embark on a beautiful experience today, allow yourself time to sit in stillness, reflect on your own life, and what changes need to be made. Allow the symbolism of the eclipse to provide you the time and space to make a change in your life and unleash the love within.

Much love & happiness to you always,


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